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Competent Probate Lawyers Handling Property Transfers

Manuel J. Mari, P.A. is staffed by experienced probate lawyers who guide you through the probate process and facilitate the transfer or sale of real property subject to a probate action for their clients in Miami, Florida, and surrounding areas. We help clients administer an estate, filing the necessary pleadings and obtaining the court orders required to pay bills and distribute assets to the individuals designated in a will or according to Florida law.

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Transfer of Real Estate in Probate

When a deceased individual leaves an estate behind, even without a will, the property goes through probate before it can be distributed. Count on our legal team to walk you through the legal steps necessary in completing the probate process. We look at potential debts and liens that may affect the estate and file all the proper documents with local authorities for the transfer of property. Our firm makes sure that documentation is filed completely and timely.

Avoiding Probate

Probating an estate is a trying process that can be lengthy and costly. Sometimes the process can be avoided by placing property in a trust or by using deeds that provide for transfer upon death. Whether by creating deeds with a right of survivorship or by fashioning a "Lady Bird Deed" (which provides for transfer upon death), we can help you avoid probate and ensure that your wishes will honored upon your death. This provides safety and peace of mind for the surviving relatives of the deceased during a potentially tumultuous period.


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